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"...perhaps the greatest up and coming alternative rock band to come out of the U.K. for some time" 
Swept Magazine

"...unique instrumentation, powerful arrangements, and stellar songwriting...Tryzdin Grubbs outstanding vocal performance adds an incredible level of authenticity and emotional depth" - Indie Music Index

"Somewhere, Somebody is...both a brilliant and beautiful song" - Music News Today

"The hairs on your arms will rise as soon as you feel every beat...magnificent in different ways - Music of the Future

"...powerful, intoxicating experience" - Top 40 Music Charts

"...Saint Mars break new ground by recruiting 13 year old Wunderkind lead singer" Sonic News

"...Somewhere Somebody’ showcases Tryzdin’s mature, yearning vocals" - Lighting Nation

"...deep, meaningful and heartfelt" - Songwriting Spotlight

"PANIC! AT THE DISCO, SLOWDIVE, MASSIVE ATTACK...some artists can’t be easily slotted into a pigeonhole and usually, they’re the most exciting acts. That’s just the case for Saint Mars..." - For Fans Of 

"...Meet a Prodigy on Somewhere Somebody" - Tee Total Guitar

"...Tryzdin Grubbs has a voice far beyond his years. He is a super talent; he has a tone which would make you believe he was an already established star in his mid twenties..." - Fab UK Magazine

"Saint Mars delves into a dark beauty on the timeless “Ocean Blues..." - Skope Mag

"Saint Mars show the gorgeousness of life in the shadows..." - Beach Sloth

"...haunting, layered, and deep..." - Modern Fix

"...Melancholic chord changes to die for..." - New and Brave

"...beautifully transcendent...experimental rock that brings to mind bands like Mew, Dredg, Massive Attack, and more..." - Modern Fix

"...bold and ambitious upcoming force in the post-punk genre" - The Big TakeOver

"...captures an air of baroque music and old polyphonic melodies while still remaining relevant to a modern sound..." The Spill Magazine

"...Saint Mars have tapped into the deeply emotive powers of music..." - Sensible Reason

"...I have been bullied for the longest time. I get bullied because I sing and because I don’t play sports and I am not like other boys of my age" 
Tryzdin - The Indie Music Index

"I never decided to write about bullying (...) The melody, idea of the song, the story behind it came to me naturally: the story of a young boy bullied because of his overweight, called “Piggy the Whale” by his classmates and ending up turning into a real whale"  M.D. - Louder Than War

"Meeting with Saint Mars is really a dream come true. Because for a long time I've been wanting to spread awareness about bullying and share my story and they have made that possible."  Tryzdin - Rictus Magazine

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